Sujok Therapy

What is Sujok?
Sujok is really a mix of two Korean words; in particular “Su” which means hands and “Jok” which means feet. Along these lines, Sujok implies treating on hands and feet. Sujok needle therapy is a characteristic treatment of mending without medications or prescriptions. You can get moment and viable help without medicine with Sujok and it is likewise completely safe with no reactions.

Sujok is really a treatment that back rubs hands and feet and is utilized to treat a few conditions like bronchitis, asthma, cerebral pains, dazedness, headaches, gastritis, ulcers, diabetes, and furthermore mental disarranges like melancholy and so forth. In addition, Sujok is likewise known to be compelling in weight reduction.

Every session of Sujok is just of 15 minutes and you may require a sum of 16 sessions of Sujok for disposing of any physical or meta-physical enduring by means of Sujok.

Sujok Seed Therapy:
Seeds are known to be regular stimulators to the pressure point massage focuses and are additionally a piece of Sujok treatment. Sujok seed treatment includes utilizing pressure point massage treatment and tying seeds, heartbeats and vegetables at the regarded pressure point massage point to deliver assist imperativeness with a specific end goal to encourage quick mending. Sujok seed treatment makes utilization of green grams, peas, kidney beans and so on.

How Does Sujok Work?
Before we discuss how Sujok functions, we should specify this is completely a straightforward treatment and can be polished by anybody for self care. Indeed, the effortlessness of Sujok treatment makes it more prominent.

The Basic Sujok
A standout amongst the most favorable highlights of Sujok is its effortlessness. Not at all like other pressure point massage or needle therapy treatments; in Sujok all the relating focuses are situated in the hands and feet and in this manner whole treatment should be possible by finding focuses in hands and feet.

The Two Dimensional Sujok
Sujok takes a shot at two measurements. It chips away at physical measurement and furthermore otherworldly measurement.

Physical Dimension: Here, either fingers or any pointed items are utilized for recognizing the comparing purpose of the body and afterward the fact of the matter is rubbed till help is accomplished. Here, you can utilize fingers, pointed or adjusted articles, attractive stars, seed, metallic rings and so forth. This physical measurement of Sujok is a greater amount of pressure point massage than needle therapy. It can be rehearsed by essentially anybody as it requires no significant ability or any instrument.

Meta-Physical Dimension: This framework requires the utilization of Byol meridians and applies the experience and speculations of traditional needle therapy connecting them with the new hypotheses of Sujok, similar to Six Ki constituition, enthusiastic constitution and their treatment equation for treating the Byol Meridians and Byol focuses. Such a framework requires proficient or mastery hands.

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