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How Do We Treat?

Tongue Scraping
This oral hygiene practice has been proven to remove toxins on your tongue better than a toothbrush. If your taste buds are covered with bacteria and plaque, it makes it harder to taste your food. This typically leads to going overboard on salt and loading up on sweeteners and can result in overeating.

Try this: Place the tongue scraper as far back on your tongue as is comfortable. Using firm but gentle pressure, slide the scraper from the back of your tongue to the tip. Rinse and clean off the scraper and repeat until there’s no chalky residue left. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

Oil Pulling
Just like in tongue scraping, when you remove toxins and bacteria from the mouth it leads to detoxification of the body. Dr. F. Karach, M.D., who is responsible for introducing oil pulling to the modern world, claims it has the ability to treat various illnesses, ranging from digestive disorders to heart disease.

Try this: Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed organic sesame or coconut oil and vigorously swish it around in your mouth like you would mouthwash. After about 15 to 20 minutes, spit the saponified oil out and dispose of it.

Numerous studies have shown the amazing health benefits of massage, including lowered blood pressure, increased muscle tone, stress reduction, and increased lymphatic flow (thereby reducing edema). The National Institute of Health did a study in 2009 concluding that abdominal massage successfully reduced constipation and increased bowel movements.

Try this: If you aren’t able to get to a spa, try a self-massage or Abhyanga with any high-quality organic oil. Ayurveda suggests using either sesame or coconut oil.

  • Warm the oil and apply it to the entire body from your scalp to your toes.
  • Take more oil and spend some time on each area of your body, using circular movements over the joints and long strokes over the long areas of your body like the forearms and thighs.
  • Spend some time where there are nerve endings including your scalp, hands, and feet.
  • Massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion for improved digestion.
  • Put some love into your self-massage and take your time.

Sweating (Swedana)
Your skin is the largest organ of detoxification. When pores are exposed to heat they enlarge and allow impurities to be released from the body through the sweat glands. Sweating also increases circulation and helps your body get rid of excess water weight.

Swedana is the name of a blissful Ayurvedic spa treatment that includes a full-body oil massage followed by a steam. It mobilizes the toxins in your body, which then release through your pores.

Try this: Whether it’s hitting up the sauna at the gym or taking a hot bath, get your sweat on. Just be sure to hydrate while doing so.

Basti (Enema)
This therapeutic treatment uses herbal oil, which is introduced into the rectum with the purpose of lubricating the intestinal tract and flushing out toxins. This may not be for everyone, but after seeing thousands of people go through Panchakarma (an Ayurvedic cleansing program) and get Basti treatments every day for about a week, the changes and positive results are undeniable.

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