Reflexology has been chosen by most people to treat their body health problems because it offers high level of safety and effectiveness. It also offers natural treatment without consuming drugs and it is easy to use.1 Learning reflexology and its application is quite easy, there is no limitation for people to apply it anytime and anywhere.1 Its effectiveness in treating the root of some diseases may lead to many benefits in health concern such as it helps in easing day-to-day stresses and alleviates the effects from injury and illness.1 However, it is not used in diagnosing processes.11

Stress contributes up to 80% for the development of any illness. Other 20% of stress will influence other conditions.1 Reflexology offers common benefits and one of them is reducing stress by applying pressure to the specific area at feet and hands which may induce general relaxation while relaxing the targeted area concurrently.1 Reflexology is one of the ways to interrupt the pattern of repetitive stress that people usually have according to their lifestyle.1 They will operate more effectively with a number of reflexology sessions because the first application will intervene in the stress operation and further sessions will improve the body condition.1 Besides, reflexology also allows the body to get off from any stress in everyday life.1

Pain is a stressor in the body system and any injury that occurs to any part of the body will cause the whole system to be stressed.1 Endorphin is a body’s natural pain-relieving chemical will be released as a response to reflexology. Endorphin teaches the body how to adapt to any injuries. Those who practice reflexology in their life believe that healing from any injuries comes from the role of reflexology.3

It generally improves body health condition and well-being in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual level.11 In a simple sentence, people choose reflexology because

1. The treatment is free from any drugs and chemical, and it is a wide option for many health problems.1
2. Its ability to reduce pain.11
3. It helps body to maintain the dexterity and locomotion ability.8
4. It promotes general sense of relaxation especially overused or tired hands, feet, and the whole body parts.2
5. It stimulates the release of body’s pain-relieving chemicals.1
6. As a prevention from any illness.2
7. It promotes recovery process from any injury particularly at any region at hands and feet.1


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